I barely use my FB account because most of the time it just prioritise ads and content from joke pages over my friends status! I think it makes it completely useless to me that way, I don’t feel connected to my friends there; I hope people will soon move away from the scam platform

Hmm looks like I need to resize the pictures before uploading .. a bit annoying from mobile :-/

A picture of my new office and coworkers .. they are great companions .. but maybe not really productive guys

Any good client for iOS ? I use Amaroq but can’t toot any media file :(

Nice conference about molecular machines

Ok! sono contento di aver portato Lavender Town al livello successivo, sostituiti gli accordi con degli arpeggi .. a questo pezzo in particolare ci tengo veramente tanto. youtube.com/watch?v=a-lMF3UoMO

Piango <3 un social distribuito con i sorgenti su github ... non mi pare vero!!


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