Il pazzo furioso che disegna cavatappi ha un nome, si chiama Andrea Pesenato ed è Pilota Campione Italiano di acrobazia a motore, tanti applausi 👏

Questa invece è la pattuglia acrobatica francese .. sono dei grandi manici pure loro e anche se sono solo in 8 fanno veramente impressione con degli incroci ravvicinatissimi ! Bellissima giornata di prove, e domani c’è la bella .. io aspetto te pazzo fuorioso che lo metti in vite per disegnare cavatappi! A domani

Mai mai scorderò, l’attimo, la terra che tremò ... però se una volta tanto a Pavarotti preferissero la sigla di Ken

More than 6 years ago before the canon6d was announced or released (I barely remember) I wrote on a pro photographer forum “the day will come when smartphones with several lens and AI will produce better photo than your 2k camera + 1k lens” and people reacted with stupid jokes .. but it’s inevitable! Multiple lens = dynamic depth, powerful smartphone = complex filters, internet = enhanced AI. The new iPhone 11 is just pushing that side right now

Watching presentation, ready for new expensive iPhones ?

Morgana aka she is a beautiful very smart cat 🐈 she loves sleeping on my keyboard of course -.-

When your are constrained by running a tool that leaks MB per minute even an instance with 250GB of ram is not enough to complete some data processing that require few days.. it’s just few thousand lines of python code used as glue around lots of gis libraries so the leaks could be anywhere :-/ of course it doesn’t show up when you use small datasets for testing and at the moment I’ve been able to mitigate the problem splitting the jobs and restarting them regularly but man .. so annoying 😭😩

My boss is not too happy with my performance at home, she wants me to dedicate more attention to her bowl of food or I may be punished hard ..

I barely use my FB account because most of the time it just prioritise ads and content from joke pages over my friends status! I think it makes it completely useless to me that way, I don’t feel connected to my friends there; I hope people will soon move away from the scam platform

Hmm looks like I need to resize the pictures before uploading .. a bit annoying from mobile :-/

A picture of my new office and coworkers .. they are great companions .. but maybe not really productive guys

Any good client for iOS ? I use Amaroq but can’t toot any media file :(

Nice conference about molecular machines

Ok! sono contento di aver portato Lavender Town al livello successivo, sostituiti gli accordi con degli arpeggi .. a questo pezzo in particolare ci tengo veramente tanto.

Piango <3 un social distribuito con i sorgenti su github ... non mi pare vero!!

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