Jami has new ringtones. Help us choose the default by voting for your favourite one here:

It's lacking an option: none of those.

@Jami i don't like any of those. most of them sound nice, but ring tones are not supposed to sound nice and calming like a bird in the meadow in a breeze on a spring day. they are supposed to be slightly obnoxious so you can hear them over other noise and you instantly know that it's something important. It's important to be able to hear a ring tone when you are away from the desk too. also, soothing sounds always take longer to realize what the sound is/what they are coming from. If you choose one of those lullabies chances are i won't be able to turn the volume up loud enough to be able to hear it the way i want to (from experience with other similar ring tones) . thanks for taking it into consideration.
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