@codewiz ah if only the Christian one wasn't wrong (remove "is not" and the statement is right) but oh well. Amusing the oddness of equality in JS.

@codewiz why were they added to begin with? What Bible verse says that Jesus is not the Holy Spirit? In the New Testament you find the Spirit of Jesus used interchangeably with Holy Spirit. There are many names of God. That's just it though they're all names and titles for God, but ultimately there is one God who may manifest in different ways but is still the same.

@Moogly I just got on a call with my Theology Consultant in Italy.

His first statement: "Well, It's a long story... Council of Nicaea... but there were two of them..."

He's still researching, I'll let you know! ✝️

@codewiz sounds good I love studying the Bible. I'll classify that shield as a church tradition.

@Moogly Sorry for the Italian, use Google Translate. Here's what he quoted:

"Si dice in esso [concilio di Nicea] che Gesù Cristo è “della sostanza del Padre, Dio da Dio, Luce da Luce, Dio vero da Dio vero, generato non creato, homoousios tou Patrou (consustanziale al Padre)”. Tutti i Padri Conciliari, eccetto due vescovi, ratificarono questo credo, il Simbolo Niceno, il 19 giugno dell’anno 325."

@Moogly @mk8 On second thought... the "NON EST" relations don't seem to follow from this at all...

@codewiz aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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