"Iyashi (癒し) means healing, and the term "iyashikei" refers to and that "heal" the audience by instilling a calming feeling or evoking emotional carthasis. Almost always, Iyashikei stories have peaceful, somewhat mundane, and nostalgic atmospheres. The settings are idyllic with little or no conflict, and the narratives focus on personal reflection, heartwarming moments, a vague sense of melancholy, and/or an appreciation for the small things in life."

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If anime were drugs, would these be opioids?
Strictly speaking about the calming effect, not the addictiveness.

@daniel I agree that might not be as addictive, or it wouldn't have taken me years to complete the most psychedelic of all: 😵‍💫

@codewiz I loved Natsume Yuujinchou and Mushishi to bits💜

@stormtoast I still need to start with Natsume... it's been on my shortlist for a while.

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