I guess I'll go chat with the / folks over there... I'm a long time user, and I have a few old friends from past FUDCon events.

Ah, the ! I don't remember if my membership is still active... I guess I'll sign up anyway to get some.of their great swag!

Ah, is here! I want to have a good look at the new Lemur Pro with the firmware...

But first... I can't get my eyes off the Launch keyboard:

I already own too many keyboards, but... this one is so... sexy 🤩

But I turn to the booth and start a conversation with Ben Cotton and Neil Gompa on , .and all that.

Aha! Here's the Lemur Pro with and all that!

My main worry was that the touchpad wouldn't have middle mouse button emulation with 3-finger tap, but it does 👍

Seriously? In addition to the 6% California sales tax, I'm also paying a 0.25% + 0.75% + 1% +2.25% = 4.25% markup on all online purchases for... Los Angeles?

Well, I hope they'll allocate 0.1% of this towards sweeping the streets a bit more often 🤬

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