I'm following this tutorial to re-learn programming in using the latest coolness of wasm-bindgen, wasm-pack, and... NO emscripten! 😎



Of course, my brand new hello world app starts off with 8 high severity vulnerabilities 😂

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After an `npm audit fix --force`, I'm left with only 6 high vulns 👍

...and it broke my development setup. I can't test my "hello world" any more 😟

Is really so bad, or I'm having bad luck?

After manually updating all the devDependencies in package.json. the webpack-dev-server starts again, but now it's refusing to load my code due to a BREAKING CHANGE.

Is npm a new type of DLL hell?? Luckily, there are clear instructions to solve the problem...

All right, my hello-wasm works!

Time spent writing WebAssembly code in Rust: 1 min
Time spent fighting npm: 1 hour

@codewiz don’t blame npm for webpak’s shortcomings

Try one of these instead:

@akhil Yeah, I switched to wasm-pack a couple of days ago.

For local http serving I've been using this thing, but it's very limited (no way to customize the html):

I see that trunk has a built-in dev server, I'll give it a try when I find some time.

Thanks for the tips!

@codewiz npm is bad. It should not be trusted at all.

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