After USB 3.1 there should be USB 95

Dear people joking about how I shouldn't forget about USB for Workgroups 3.11. Please read the replies before making your hilarious, world-changing joke – don't expect your post to be read anyway if you yourselves don't read others' lol

Also before WfW3.11 there was regular Windows 3.11. And then Windows 3.2 in China. And do we want to count the NT releases in between? :shrug_yui:

@Ethancdavenport USB 7 would just be USB Vista with new marketing tho

@CornishRepublicanArmy Pretty sure a lot of people remember 98 and pretty much everyone agrees it's better than 95

I prefer 95 OSR2.5 because it's lighter tho :blobcat:

@espectalll 95 may have been better, but my first PC I got from my uncle had 98 and I was born in 98 so I still fondly remember that OS

@CornishRepublicanArmy 98SE was also the first OS I had, but I guess I don't feel nostalgia like that

@espectalll this is a Good Acknowledgment of Thanks and Further Praise 😊

@espectalll Connectix VirtualHCD: Run USB XP on your Macintosh!

@espectalll That better not happen because by the time we get to USB 10, we're fucked!
@espectalll lol USB 3.11 for Workgroups, I'm so hillarious.

@espectalll NT releases are technically not "in between", even if they did come out at the same time chronologically. NT is a separate operating system developed in parallel, so it would make as much sense to also include OS/2 in the same timeline 🤔

@vurpo > NT is a separate operating system developed in parallel

OK but then why do we count XP onwards? There's people counting 2000 as well if I recall correctly?

@espectalll because after ME, the old 9x line of Windowses ended, and beginning with XP the NT line replaced it completely. (And lost the "NT" name, but that's not as relevant)

So Microsoft's line of home desktop operating systems switched from the 9x line to the NT line when going from ME to XP. Before that, NT was only marketed for specific niche purposes which did not include home users.

@vurpo Here's the thing, that's quite arbitrary. In the same way, I made the meme in an arbitrary way because I wanted to get it to the point and be easy to understand x3

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