"I don't see how you couldn't say it's a meaningful drop. Fifteen million is a lot of people, no matter which way you cut it. It represents about 6 percent of the total U.S. population ages 12 and older. What makes it particularly important is if it is part of a trend. This is the second straight year we've seen this number go down."



"All the bad press about Facebook..."
What? Is there any other kind?

@fitheach Ha yeah I agree. Seems to be going from bad to worse for them. πŸ˜† πŸ‘

FB lobbying against user data privacy was my favourite recent story.


Looking forward to the tipping point... any day now.

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@fitheach @zyx If they try to move everything into a chat format and if that goes badly then perhaps that will be the final demise of Facebook.

Could well be. Sometimes it can be the most innocuous thing that brings down big corporations. Whatever the thing is it just needs to hit at the most opportune/inopportune moment and the whole edifice comes tumbling down. 🀞


@fitheach @zyx Also the amount of profit that Facebook makes from each user per year is only a couple of dollars, so it might not take a very big change in attitudes or amount of "engagement" to significantly undermine the company.

I am absolutely certain that FB management will be looking at the per user income. Continual userbase growth would never be possible and the signs are that it may be in decline. A focus on "privacy" might be an acknowledgement of this reality. Solidify the existing userbase and get them using FB more might be the strategy.


@fitheach @zyx Yes that could be what's happening. The big obsession was "the next billion", but when they look at the expected per user profits from the next billion (the people currently not connected or on expensive low bandwidth mobile connections where they pay per minute) I expect it's going to be very small compared to the amount of investment in satellite and other infrastructure required to deliver a non-trivial platform.

So consolidating the existing users and trying to get more cash out of them by providing premium privacy-focused services might be Zuck's plan. Also if they're going to do anything with cryptocurrency (zuckbucks) then users having enough confidence in the platform to make financial transactions becomes a problem for them.
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