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Alchemy looks a lot like science: an alchemist observes a phenomenon, hypothesises a causal relationship, and designs and performs an experiment to test the hypothesis.

The difference is in what happens next.


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this is what I watch in the middle of quarantine and its worth it

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It may seem like no one is wearing a mask or isolating any more, but there are lots of us that know COVID didn't go away. You just don't see us because we're at home isolating. Please wear your masks. Our local hospital reposted this graphic June 11.

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[16.6.00] Deutschland strebt wichtige Rolle bei Modernisierung Russlands an. Putin bekennt sich im Rahmen zukünftiger russischer Reformen zu den Werten von Demokratie und Rechtsstaat.

Looks like we're getting closer to finally printing cards!

And finally today I implemented the dnd-stats-block so that monster cards work again.

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I also added boxes that are useful to for example show charges of a weapon. They became pretty customizable.

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You can do rulers. Like not only boring ones. Already three different ones are possible and maybe more to come.

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Oops, did they accidentally install Rails?
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Introducing @nuxt/components ✨

No need to import your components anymore 🎩

✅ Scan and auto import components
✅ Multiple paths with customisable prefixes and patterns
✅ Lazy loading support
✅ Hot replacement
✅ Support for library authors


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Good morning . Tonight we will have our second Vue.js // Berlin online meetup with two talks from @GavinRayDev and @logaretm And as special guest for our After Talk is @gustojs. Join us tonight youtu.be/wKAoU0uExD8


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the sheep.

the sheep have started the


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🔴BOOTSUNGLÜCK: @[email protected] hat 4 Boote gefunden. Vermutlich die gestern v. @[email protected] gemeldeten. Eines ist gesunken. Wir müssen annehmen, dass alle ertrunken sind, da es keine Infos über Rettungen gibt. Position& Notlage waren bekannt. Europa hat sie an ertrinken lassen.

Little update on because I didn't update the live version in a while. I had to iterate over the editing functionality quite a bit and now in the fourth(!) iteration I'm confident that I found a good way. In the screenshot you see the editor in action.

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It has begun...,yes she is at the returns counter and yes she is doing exactly what you think she’s doing.....

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