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A very helpful Linux command: `pwdx`

Can be used to know the current working directory of a process or processes.

Used like `pwdx [PID]`.
Adding sudo might be necessary

We're doing it once more! On 12th of April Vuejs//Berlin will be online one last(?) time. Stay tuned. More details to come soon!

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Down to 190 characters!

vec3 p=vec3(t/.1,cos(t+r)),d=r.x/(r.xxy-round(FC.zxy)*2.),a;for(;o.w++<9e2&&snoise3D(a=ceil(p)/28.)+1.>length(a.yz);p+=min(a=fract(-p*sign(d))*abs(d)+1e-4,min(a.y,a.z)).x/d);o.rgb=fwidth(p);

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A friend of mine asked me to share this with fellow web developers. Maybe you can help in some way. DM me, if you have a message for Olga. Cheers!

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Wenn Der Sprit, den du morgens säufst, wieder teurer geworden ist.

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To support the people of Ukraine and the humanitarian efforts of the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund, I’m releasing a new DOOM II level for a donation of €5. 100% of the proceeds go toward these agencies. Thank you. romero.com

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Join me on the 3 day challenge 💻🚫

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POV: Du gibst der Union 16 Jahre lang das Verkehrsministerium.

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when you need to implement a new feature but the deadline is tomorrow 😶

We’ve directed to sell Giphy after finding the takeover could reduce competition between social media platforms and increase Facebook’s already significant market power.

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Die @BILD-Redaktion hat ganz oben auf der Bild.de-Startseite das blutüberströmte Gesicht eines zuvor getöteten 9-jährigen Kindes gezeigt, unverpixelt: bildblog.de/132073/bild-de-zei

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Ohhh, yay! The APIs described in the IO Safety RFC have been implemented and are now available on nightly!

This is a first step towards ownership semantics for OS-level resources such as files and sockets.


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Mirror your Android device with mouse and keyboard input when you plug it into your computer.

It will check for connected devices every 5 seconds and relaunch automatically.

Run on a terminal and forget about it.

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Wenn Du "Dick und Doof" bei Wish bestellst...

This is clearly anti-competetive and, in my opinion, illegal in at least the America's and Europe.
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Today I Learned you can not advertise on @GoogleAds if you use @googleanalytics competitors like @matomo_org .

I only use Matomo it for simpler GDPR.

Does @google have the same policy for @usefathom and @PlausibleHQ

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