@jomo > Tuenti

wow that REALLY is the ultimate messenger protocol comparison chart

i did anyone ever host that agpl signal server?


ich habe zu dem Thema hier mal eine Link-Liste angefangen, damit das ganze nicht in der TL verschwindet.


@favstarmafia nice. Das Google "Dog" ist aber nicht von mir.

@jomo weißt Du eine Quelle dazu, da ich ich die mit aufnehmen kann?

@jomo: Did you also do such a spreadsheet for (online) spreadsheet applications? I doubt so — otherwise you wouldn't have choosen a huge data squid as hoster for your data. :-/ (But at least you posted a screenshot and not just the link. Thanks for that. :-)

@jomo And it’s wrong: XMPP does have a local, server-less mode. :/

It's actually nice to see how even without it XMPP stands above everything else.

I mean, good client availability on some platforms is a real problem, but this is still great.

tho we need better differentiation than what this chart provides: decentralized/federated (TRUE/FALSE)

@jomo the biggest joke is, that the chart promotoes privacy and yet is provided via google docs

use #ethercalc

@jomo more proof that XMPP is the best and everything else is just riding its coattails

Aren't there several errors in there? XMPP fully depends on the client, you can even run it without TLS. NextCloud Talk has no E2E for messages, only for calls. Signal works without the Google Play Services and has an Open Spec. Etc.

@jomo Did you do it? Very nice! It's missing the criterium "sticks to the principle of data avoidance" though.

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